We have already discussed the importance of being social as a business as well as how to boost your social media presence and social media marketing in general. It is sure that your business needs social platforms like Facebook or Instagram as more than 3 billion people use them. Having a close connection with your customers is a key and these platforms can be a great place for that.

So let’s see what trends can be predicted for 2019.

Live Streaming

Some data shows that internet can catch up to television in terms of watching hours in 2019. Online streaming and live videos of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram rise faster than before, which means that brands using this feature have bigger chances to reach their customers and get them to purchase their services or products. This also means that companies might spend less on television ads and more on web ads and social media in general.

Of course, traditional videos are expected to grow as well as videos are becoming a preferred way to gather information before buying something.

Generation Z Targeting

The members of Generation Z were born in the mid 1990s to mid 2000s and grew up during the digital age. They are about to enter the workforce, which means that targeting them through social media can be a key move for brands.


Using chatbots is a big marketing trend already and becoming more crucial next year. These live chat machines rely on Artificial Intelligence to mimic human conversation to communicate with people while learning technology. Businesses are getting into using these user-friendly bots to replace human staffers
in dealing with frequently asked questions or predictable inquiries. They can also be programmed to provide information, support and solutions as the algorithms learn from past results. Reports show that more than 1.4 billion people interact with chatbots already.

Voice Technology

Some people estimate that the voice recognition market will be worth around $600 million by 2019 and 55 percent of American homes will include at least one smart speaker by 2022. Voice technologies like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home are already integrated to many customers’ everyday lives and we can say that 25 percent of holiday shoppers utilized some kind of voice assistant during holiday period last year, while 40 percent of adults use voice search every day. This is the perfect example of how brands can get closer to their target market.

Influencer Marketing

Newest studies show that more than 70 percent of customers are more likely to purchase something based on social media referrals, while 40 percent of people are making a purchase after seeing it being used by an influencer or YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. Marketers are starting to understand the importance of influencer marketing, which is one of the best ways to advertise a product or service. Maybe YouTubers are the best examples for this, as they are ordinary people who gain followers by providing various contents to their viewers while occasionally promoting products and services they have good reviews of – meaning any kind of brand or business.