These days, everything is in a constant change, which is true for digital marketing trends as well. As more data and technology is used over time, our insight to how marketing trends impact marketing strategies is getting more detailed too. We use many tools to communicate information to the target audience in a way that is relevant for them through a few channels, including social media platforms and email. While we have these different forms of communication, email is still the most frequently used tool. Whether people hate it or love it, they use them every day because it is a necessity to our lives, especially if you have a business.

Staying on top of these ever-changing marketing trends is really important if you want to build and run a successful business. Knowing that about 2.8 billion people use email as their preferred communication tool, it is clear, that email has the highest ROI of all.

Now that we discussed the importance of email marketing, let’s see the top trends predicted for 2019.

Segmenting and Targeting

Research shows that segmented and targeted emails get more than 57% of all earning and they can increase profits up to nearly 19 times more. According to these statistics, it is really worth considering new email marketing strategies. By making smarter choices, you can make the most of your emails. For example, if somebody opens your marketing emails more than once, you can follow them with the help of smart segmentation and targeting and send relevant automated emails for engagement. Same goes for leads that visit a web site several times. On the other hand, if somebody hasn’t opened your emails in a while, you should remove them from your list and make space for potential customers.


Personalizing emails content is an important and popular strategy. For example, it is nice to use the reader’s first name not only in the first row but in later paragraphs. Also, grouping contacts by behavior can be useful for automated emails. Sending such personalized content to a group that has similar behavior can result in relevant actions.

Respect for Privacy

Recent European regulations are changing for stricter privacy policies of personal information affecting all businesses. The new laws say that any content that reaches a member of the European Union (EU) has to fulfill the new regulations of the gathering and sharing of third-party information. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has taken effect from May, 2018 and has to be considered to every business that has a chance of communicating with anyone in the EU.

Artificial Intelligence

The best marketing companies are already using artificial intelligence (AI) for making their marketing strategies much stronger. AI is now being used for making more personalized results. For example, it can help the marketer come up with relevant images, more effective subject lines, and it can even tell how a lead is predicted to interact with an email or when a reader may unsubscribe from a list. So it is really worth considering the usage of AI for making your strategy work better.

Adding smarter email marketing strategies to your business through segmentation and targeting, personalization, respecting privacy and using artificial intelligence can really make a change. Now that you know more about the top marketing trends for 2019, it is time to apply these to your existing business strategies.

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