Bigger brands should realize that geotargeting is not for localized brands only.

Social media platform, Facebook, provides effective ways to target specific audiences. Adding a geolocation, and making use of geotargeting is beneficial for small local businesses like service providers or restaurants and increases marketing investments of larger corporations when running national campaigns.

Let’s see exactly how it works.

Thinking Regional

Larger companies can use geotargeting to locate specific audiences for their marketing campaigns. Best dollars are spent targeting ads to a given region or city. It’s proven that geolocation ad targeting is much more effective because of connecting more deeply with the customers while delivering a much better response rate than running a national campaign that doesn’t include a location. Geotargeting helps larger companies learn to speak more precisely to their customers, increasing relevance and resulting in higher engagements.

Making Virtual Events

Geolocation can also be used for planning virtual events or experiences combining physical and virtual reality. For example, advertisers can use these strategies to develop virtual experiences around a brand or product involving attendees and delivering specific information that enhances their overall experience.

Improving Marketing Research

Information gained from geolocation help brands determine where customers are looking, so they can tailor services and products to those interests.

And there are many other ways that geolocation can help improve the market research process, like understanding how frequently a sample of shoppers visits different grocery chains, or how some products are used.


The best way to see what geotargeting can do for your own business is to run some test campaigns on Facebook targeting audience in various parts of the country. Launch it to see how it impacts results at various locations and your online business.