Social media is an important marketing tool for businesses to have more leads and help grow their brands. Research shows that almost 69% of American adults use Facebook, 78% of 18 to 24 year-olds use Instagram and more than 44% are on Twitter, while almost 38% of 65 year-old and older people are social media users. So it is unquestionable that an active social media presence can make some good results show. Now let’s see how.

Posts Drive Traffic

Having access to all these customers who use social media daily can help boosting traffic to your website. While, uploading new content to a website can take time to drive traffic, posting on social media can make quicker reactions and lead people to your products and services. These posts provide the opportunity for potential customers to find your new content and also go through your website. This is a targeted traffic, as only your followers and those who are interested in your product will see these posts boosting your traffic and bringing the type of visitors you need on your site.

Helps Understanding Your Audience

Through social media channels, you can interact with your customers and see their behavior, while getting answers to what websites they visit, what products they are buying and why and what kinds of posts they like and share. These information can help improve your content and marketing strategies.

Boosts Your Site’s SEO

Search engines know which pages are forgotten and which earn consistent traffic to a site. You not only need a good content strategy for search ranking, driving traffic to your pages is also important. Sharing optimized pages can help boosting site SEO even faster. Use a scheduling tool for sharing old and new posts on social media, so you can see a whole plan in advance.

Gets You More Sales

This is a very convincing point, right? If you can stay in front of your customers’ eyes, they are more likely to check your products and services and even buy them. You can also answer their questions, influence their decisions, and give them special coupons.

It is fun!

Celebrating a new product launch online with your customers and sharing fun polls with them is not only useful for building your audience but also helps expressing what your brand is like. Building real connections feel rewarding while growing your business and working your marketing. Regularly interacting with followers can improve your public image and give you well-deserved traffic and sales. There is no other marketing tool that has a bigger influence on brand perception than this.


The importance of social media marketing can only be understood once you start applying these tactics. If you do things right, it can be really cost effective. Using social media is no longer a matter of choice if you want to be successful. Every business needs it because the importance of social media marketing is now more prominent than ever.

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