By performing an SEO audit, you should maintain a standard SEO checklist that ensures none of the crucial tasks are missed. If you follow our complete checklist, it will help you perform effectively and efficiently.

An SEO audit checklist helps you identify the site’s weakest points and off and on-page optimization, helps you increase your site’s loading speed and organic traffic, helps you scan your website for any SEO omissions or SEO wrongdoings, helps you improve the website ranking factors and self-auditing your own website.

Now, let’s see the checklist for your next SEO audit.

Determine Your Purpose

The most important task for your SEO audit checklist is determining the objective or purpose why you are in need of an SEO audit. For example, if there is a sudden downfall in the traffic metrics, you might want to fix things through an SEO audit.

Content Analysis

Your site must be unique and meaningful. Begin by checking possible duplication. Good content helps your website rank better. Make sure that you are using the best target keywords you can on the right places.

Make sure that your content is engaging. Having the right length is just as important as using quality content. Create the right strategy where the length is well balanced. Publishing regularly is also a huge SEO booster.

Image Optimization

Make sure that all your images are optimized on your website. There are various plugins that can help you do this. Also, don’t forget to use high-resolution images, use a relevant image that matches your texts, name all image file by using the target keyword, use image alt texts.

Link analysis and URL Check

Make sure that your backlinks, both outbound and internal, are always relevant and get rid of all the low-quality links.

The right URL structure is crucial for your website, so all of them must be SEO optimized yet not over-optimized. Take care of all the capital vs. lowercase URLs on your website.

Keyword Analysis

If you have the right content, you can continue your audit with the analysis of the keywords.

Make sure that you are using less competitive, long tail keywords that are specific to the industry you are working in. The right keyword should be relevant, measurable, and obviously will help you rank better. But don’t use too many keywords, that can destroy your SEO game. Include keywords in the URL to help your pages/posts rank better and make sure that these URLs are short.

Let’s see where you need these keywords. The most important places you have to put your keywords are in the title of the post/page, in the first paragraph, in the H1 Tag, in the meta description of the post, in the URL structure, in the alt text of the first image used, and towards the end of the post’s content.

UX Analysis

The User Experience on a website is a huge determinant of the site’s traffic and the average time spent by visitors on it. Google Analytics can help you have a look at what the UX on your website likely is. A crucial site UX ranking factor is the presence of broken links or pages, so don’t forget to check those too.

Web Hosting Check

The right web hosting service boosts your site’s SEO efforts by complementing its server reputation, website uptime, and obviously the loading speed it offers. Every SEO audit must be an event where you review the performance of your existing web host and if there is a need, make the switch and choose a better service provider.


Sitemaps help Google better understand the structure of your website through giving access to your site. Once you have a sitemap set up correctly, you will be required to keep it free of errors. Begin by adding a sitemap file to the browser and a Google Search Console search will help you figure out how many URLs were successfully indexed when you previously submitted the sitemap.

Site Security Check

A site’s security is an important factor that determines the ranking of your website. Adding an SSL certificate is now a must for the impression of a website.


Once you are on the right track, monthly or quarterly SEO audits will help you rule your SEO strategy. With this checklist, you will be able to perform a more efficient SEO audit for your site and ensure that it ranks well. Get a detailed and comprehensive SEO Audit Checklist done by Brontide Media Group. You may get a free SEO audit here.