While we shouldn’t forget the marketing lessons of last year, there are numerous new challenges and opportunities shaking things up in 2018. To stay ahead of the game this year, marketers need to embrace for example programmatic marketing.

Although most marketers have heard of programmatic marketing already, only a few know how to do it well. That will change by the end of 2018, mainly for B2B companies.

New exchanges for programmatic marketing are on the rise. While many long-term holdouts, such as LinkedIn, started offering improved options for targeting audiences, smaller publishers still struggle to match the targeting capabilities of the big fish. However, more accessible tools mean programmatic literacy will become essential soon.

Some reports suggest already that programmatic marketing could account for more than 80% of all advertising by 2019. We now have the ability to have automated advertisements adjust across the internet, including smart TVs, Google, Facebook, and many other options. These ads can use artificial intelligence fine-tuning themselves based on what works.