38% of U.S. consumers think online ads should be shorter than TV ads, while 7% think online ads should be longer, according to a study. A quarter of consumers think TV and online ad lengths should be the same, while 15% think online ads should show the brand earlier and, 17% think online ads should be riskier or edgier than TV ads. Among consumers, 13% think online ads should target a younger audience, and 11% say that online ads should feature spokespeople who are more relevant to online audiences.

There has been a lot of experimentation among brands and broadcasters with ads of varying lengths, making the research noteworthy because it provides some insight into consumer preferences when it comes to length. Until recently, ads were typically either 15-, 30- or 60-seconds long. Increasingly, though it is not unusual to see ads that are under 10 seconds or even as long as an hour. As the study highlights, more than a third of consumers are interested in shorter than 30-second ads. Short-form video offers brands some versatility because the format can work across platforms.

Investment in short-form pre-roll digital video online ads was expected to increase during 2017, with 58% of marketers saying that would definitely use the format. Several brands have seen success with short video ads. Yoplait, for example, created 32 different six-second ads that retargeted viewers who had watched longer videos with customized messaging.

For marketers, going short might make the most sense when targeting younger consumers. Five- or six-second online ads are most effective at grabbing millennials’ attention, according to a recent report.

While consumers want shorter, more concise video online ads, creating a high-quality campaign that lands well can be a challenge for marketers. The campaigns tend to work best for brands with established products or that have recognizable imagery that can make an impact in a short timeframe. However, some marketers say shorter digital video ads stifle creativity because it’s harder to tell a proper story in such a brief timeframe or make an emotional connection. Marketers have also noted that production costs aren’t any less than when creating longer videos.