LinkedIn, with its 562 million users, is totally different from all other social media networks, and one of the fastest growing among small businesses and entrepreneurs as well. It is a professional channel that allows you to build networks and connections, enabling you to find your audience. It is all about who you know and who your connections know. So the real power of LinkedIn for businesses is the ability to grow your network. Plus it has a very good reach and it is really easy to use – just to mention some of the benefits.

Now let’s see some reasons why you really need a LinkedIn account for your business.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, Google will show that up in the search after your website, which is useful because most people use Google and this way they can get more insight into your business.

LinkedIn is more customizable than any other social media networks because here you can set what section you want to show to whom, and what information you want people to know. You have every tool to target your audience and let them show what your business is exactly about.

But first of all, you need a detailed company page – instead of using your personal profile for marketing strategies with possibly outdated information and resume. It will help you grow your audience and drive traffic to your business. Did you know that completed company pages get twice as many visitors as incomplete ones? Posting at least monthly can gain you followers six times faster, so make some effort to grow your business wisely and position yourself among the most influential people within your industry.

Making connections with top industry leaders enables people to associate your business with high level of expertise that no other social media site can help you with.

LinkedIn is the perfect digital platform to help your business reach new clients within a short amount of time.