As digital trends change every year, marketers need to always be aware of them in order to stay ahead in the market. Our list should help you develop new ways to grow your business, generate leads and improve the relationship with your customers.

Voice Search

Voice search is undoubtedly getting more popular meaning that by 2020, 50% of all queries may be voice-based.

There are two types of voice search: those implemented by smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa, which gives searchers immediate voice answers to their questions and those that are installed in desktops, and smart phones such as Siri, which displays written search results.

Top brands are considering implementing voice-enabled devices to offer more than ever, while more visitors are using voice search to interact with these brands. This also means that businesses should start focusing on using voice engine optimization to their outreach, which requires thinking about what their target audience may search in their voice queries. Also, they should focus on keywords because searchers may be more specific when asking a question about time, price, location and other details.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

Augmented reality ads are one of the highlighted additions used by marketers to bring static or unreal environment to realistic experiences integrating an offer with the “reality” of the buyer. Michael Kors is a successful example for these augmented reality ads, as they created Facebook ads asking users to try and purchase their sunglasses.

Although, other businesses use augmented and virtual reality marketing for creating brand awareness, like IKEA or L’Oreal. They both improve their customer experience by allowing them to visualize their products before buying them.

AI and Machine Learning

The trend of AI and machine learning technologies don’t go away anytime soon thanks to global leaders, like Google, that extend their resources in these fields. AI allows marketers to collect data and use them for future patterns to determine how to better engage active buyers by using different channels, like emails or digital advertising.

Several other industries use, life food started using AI for their business to determine the best delivery times of their product by gathering data from different sources, like the weather or traffic. With these data they can better determine the factors that affect the quality of their food.
The ecommerce industry claims that personalization plays an important role for most customers in their buying decision, so predicting shoppers’ behaviors to create more personalized experiences is a key.

Browser Push Notifications

Push notifications that used to play important roles on mobile are moving to web making it the most popular web development trend in 2019. These new additions are helping companies to reach their leads more effectively, improve conversion rates and to retarget their shoppers to complete their purchases.

Key Takeaways

• Voice search, augmented reality and virtual reality are the newest communication channels in 2019.
• Marketers would like to make more intelligent decisions to deliver more personalized campaigns to the target audience by using AI in 2019.
• Browser push notifications are making their way to the web to help retargeting and increase conversions.
• Personalizing content helps boosting engagement rates and has a huge positive effect on shopping experience.