When you customize the experience you offer to fit the customer, you both win. As you have a digital relationship with your customers, you should show them how much you value those relationships – the same way you communicate how you value your interpersonal relationships with your friends. You have to know what they like, need and prefer to have a meaningful connection. With our new technology, it is possible for brands and companies to deliver a customized digital experience to customers to make them happy and even come back, so you really need to invest in this capability. Not so long ago, we had only cable TV to watch our favourite shows and radio to hear our most liked music. However, now that we have Netflix and Spotify, we can reach the content we want at any time. This is the level of personalization all businesses should be providing in their stores and online too. With these customized digital experiences, we developed the need for even more individualized services. Now we expect personalized digital interactions with all the companies through content, messages and products. By missing any of these, you risk diminishing loyalty. It is always true, that data doesn’t lie. Businesses that harness the power of personalization are seeing an increase in their revenue. This is not surprising, though. Consumers are expecting personalized experience even more, and they are ready to reward companies that deliver it. In a survey of 300 digital marketers – professionals from five countries in 19 different industries, 87 percent of marketers reported that customization produced a measurable lift in key performance indicators. Of those, 54 percent experienced a lift of greater than 10 percent, while 13 percent of marketers reported a lift of over 30 percent. So keep in mind, that personalization is crucial for both in-person and online interactions.