How to Do Book Marketing Successfully

Writing a book is a quick and easy way to show that you are an expert in your industry. However, marketing and publicizing a book is the hard part – no matter if you do it traditionally, through a publishing company or yourself.

Let’s see some tips on how to do it right!

Determine the Target Audience

Know who exactly you have written your book for. Get to know what problems your ideal reads may have and how your book can serve them.

Set Your Budget

Determine how much money you are can spend on the whole marketing progress from hiring expenses to promotion and try to stick to it as much as possible.

Make a Website

Create a website or at least a landing page for your book where you can keep people updated about the date of launching, signings and announcements.

Advertise on Social Media

Use social media sites to advertise your launching date and the most important information about it, like whom it is written or what subjects it covers. Make some giveaways, which include sharing your posts about the book making your product more popular and interesting for possible buyers. Share photos and even some pages from your book with the audience to make people even more curious.

Book Launch Bundling

Give some goodies along with your book to make it even more valuable for the audience. Add for example the ebook or audiobook version it as a gift, or package it with a workbook making it a no-brainer for the readers to purchase. This way, people will be happy to buy your product feeling that they get something for free, as a gift for their trust.

Utilize Your Email List

Reach out to your e-mail subscribers and always keep them well-updated on your launch. You can also offer them exclusive coupons or promotions with even a sneak peek of the first chapter of the book.